From Legacy to Innovation: ITSS’s Rebranding Story


From Legacy to Innovation: ITSS’s Rebranding Story

Geneva | 12th December 2023: ITSS, a leading Banking Software and Services company is
thrilled to announce an exciting rebranding initiative, marking a significant milestone in its
journey. The comprehensive brand revamp includes a new logo and visual identity.
It is a sleek, modern, and forward-looking Logo, with elements and colours that stand for
ITSS’s core values of trust, reliability, and technological prowess. The upward arrow signifies
movement, speed, and a never-ending urge to discover new avenues dedicated to mankind.
The story of ITSS’s logo change and brand revamp is a tale of adaptability, growth, and the
relentless pursuit of excellence. It is a narrative that echoes every ITSSian’s belief that, just as
technology never stands still, neither should the pursuit of progress.
With their new logo as a symbol of their commitment to the future, ITSS is ready to embrace
the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, forging a path towards a brighter, more
innovative tomorrow.
The key rebranding initiatives include:
1. Company logo that represents upward movement, speed, and growth.
2. Brand colours that signify our culture of inclusion, community, and learning.
3. Updated Website that features a user-centric interface with seamless

4. The presence of a two-fold upward arrow embodies our unwavering dedication to both our clients and employees. Positioned beneath, the triangle symbolizes the notions of Stability and Balance, while the 23 years of ITSS serves as the cornerstone for all future endeavours. It also mirrors our dynamic and innovative approach, which has propelled us from a local name to a global presence.

Patrick Jaccoud, CEO of ITSS, commented, “It is an exciting time for us, as we embark on a
new journey with a transformed brand. Our brand revamp is the embodiment of our
dedication to staying ahead of the curve and leading with innovation.”
Thiagraj Jayachandran, CTO at ITSS, added, “Our brand revamping initiative is a bold step
towards a more innovative and customer-centric future. We are not just changing our logo;
we’re redefining our commitment to excellence and embracing the evolving landscape of
About ITSS Global
ITSS has encompassed over two decades of consulting and business expertise, serving
integrated global banking software services to banks and financial institutions across Europe,
Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Headquartered in Geneva, and with its 23+
global strategic offices, ITSS has been instrumental in helping legacy banks cement and sustain
their position as leaders by evolving core banking systems to meet changing customer
About the ITSS Brand 2.0
The new ITSS brand will add a new dimension to their approach. It is time to speed up the
digital transformation efforts and explore better avenues for the future of banking. As the
world stands on the precipice of great change that technologies like AI, ML, IoT, Data Science
bring to banking, ITSS leadership feels that the need to transform and rejuvenate is more than

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