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iMonit is a single monitoring tool to cover the entire core banking system’s health by monitors all the layers of the core banking system (CBS). Operational activities can be performed without logging into the core banking application. It minimizes stress on the CBS system due to the design of the data collector.

  • Browserbased

  • AutoReporting

  • ImprovesSystem Performance
Monitoring solution for your banking infrastructure. IMonit provides real time monitoring for the Core-Banking System with fully flexible and customizable features, features to monitor both performance and functionality

Multi Monitor

Capable of monitoring multiple CBS Application and web application servers. Displays the status of the multiple servers.

COB Monitor

Can monitor multiple COBs simultaneously, support multi company COBs monitoring. COB can be scheduled either manually or automatically.

Support Operational Activities

Supports operational activities like command execution, updating core T24 services/profiles, Listing Unauthorised Transactions, Active Users etc.

Additional features

Precob checks, viewing como, job skip, error logs, fixing EEE, etc.are all available.

Dynamic Dashboard

Main Dashboard Comprise of System Summary, COB Summary, CPU usage, memory usage etc. In addition, iMonit has dedicated system dashboards.

CBS Browser Activity

Monitors the session activities including lengthy requests, channel traffic, jBase agents etc.

Real time Alert

Provides real time alerts on abnormal activities (CPU/Memory usage and number of users logged threshold limit) to configured users.

Generates Reports

Reports can be generated online or scheduled: System Summary, COB elapsed time, Message Queue, Browser Information, CPU Usage, COB Error etc
Key Benefits
COB Scheduler
COB Scheduler
COB can be scheduled either manually or automatically.
Provides real time alerts on abnormal system behaviours.
Notifies configured unsers of abnormalities through various channels-
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