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iDAM is a system used for the security discipline that grants the right personnel to access right resources. It actively measures and monitors the risks’ inherent in a system that match up users and resources. iDAM is suitable for any bank with bulk user of applications.

  • Built in ticketing tool

  • Multi-channelalerts

  • User auditfeature

  • Customizederror messages
As a Complete Solution, the iDAM system provides different modules based on the operation perspective. A common technology platform for easier workflow management and data analysis that increases the performance and reduces the administrative costs.

Bulk Employee/User Migration on initial installation

Allows for bulk user application (T24, Oracle, AD, Unix & Webservices)

Reduce the administrative cost

Allows you to create user & password reset to multiple application which increases the performance and reduces the administrative costs

Centralized visibility and control

Designed to visualize and analyze data with user-based dashboard

Reports & Analytics

Ability to schedule and generate reports

Multifactor Authentication

Encryption, Service Request for User creation/Password Reset by secured Approval/ OTP email.

Real Time Synchronization

Provides real-time data synchronization with existing Environment

Multi lingual

Supports multiple language (English, Spanish, French & Arabic)
User Management &Password Management
Access Management
Access Management
User Authentication &Authorization
Identity Management
Identity Management
Granting Access, Revoking Access & Synchronisation
Together, everything is possible
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