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T-cartography is a documentation tool for T24 projects. It allows banks to explore T24 objects and offers a view of the dependencies and relationships between objects. Developers can use it as a browser in T24TM objects and get a view of functional and technical contents. In the event of T24 evolution or upgrade, T-Carto can help managers made better decisions by analyzing the impact of these changes and secure the analysis and testing phases.

  • Costeffective

  • Easyaccessibility

  • IncreasedROI

  • Real-timevisibility
Using cartography services allow to know dependencies, params and values of your system.

Unique entry point and collaborative platform

functional and technical documentation, analysis, test, search engine, text mining, components, objects process

Impact Resolver

In case of an evolution or an upgrade, T-Carto can analyses the impact of these changes and secure analysis and test phases.

T24 Object Analyzer

Explores T24 objects, find all existing dependencies and relations between objects.

Real-time visibility

Allows managers to visualize and track changes in real time.

Comprehensive view of T24 system

Understanding of your components, adding documentation, following and maintaining evolutions

Easy Documentation

T-Carto provides technical documentations for T24 objects, and permits the business analyst to add comments and documents to describe its business details.

Web based

Standalone web-based application providing cost effective development and easy accessibility.
Key Benefits
Saves your time and money by automating several manual tasks
Ensures the production stability by automating all the development delivery process
Ensures a good traceability of users actions and the release content
With a rich dashboard and detailed reports, T-Carto gives you a better visibility
Together, everything is possible
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