ITSS Global Modernizes Prival Bank: Implements Temenos Infinity with HID Identity Product

ITSS Global Successfully Implements Temenos Infinity with Identity Product Integration for Prival Bank


ITSS Global, a renowned global banking software integrator and solutions provider with more than twenty-three worldwide offices and over two decades of experience announced the successful implementation of Temenos Infinity Digital Banking with HID Identity Product at Prival Bank, Panama.

Prival Bank wanted to replace its outdated Online Banking system with Temenos Infinity version 2021.10, to better meet the demands of its customers. ITSS was roped in to complete the implementation and to furnish the required training, integration and testing support.

ITSS Global performed the Infinity implementation on Temenos SaaS cloud platform along with Fabric and DBX configuration. The regional regulatory compliance demanded the integration of Online banking systems with an identity provider for which ITSS collaborated with its partner HID, their partner in Identity and Authentication management services.

An expert team from ITSS Global completed the Go-Live within the stipulated time along with testing and training. The implementation team faced several challenges including geographical time difference, linguistic barriers. However, with skill and dedication, they managed to deliver the project with excellent results.


Upon completion of the project, Sharon Williams, the VPA, Transformation and Continuous Improvement, at Prival Bank, commented, “I am delighted to inform that Prival Bank, Panama, has successfully transitioned its digital banking operations to the advanced Temenos Infinity release 2021.10, integrated seamlessly with our core banking system, Temenos Transact R20. ITSS demonstrated a clear commitment to delivering quality products, service, and support throughout the project. They were responsive to our needs and worked diligently to ensure that the project went live on time and remained within budget. I am particularly impressed with the technical skills and ability of the ITSS team. They were able to quickly understand our requirements and develop a solution that met our needs. Our satisfaction with the outcome is evident, and we acknowledge the invaluable contribution of ITSS Global in this journey.”

She further added, “I would highly recommend ITSS to anyone looking for a reliable and professional partner for their Temenos Infinity implementation project.”

Evelyn Hernandez Galvan, Project Manager at ITSS Global remarked, “I Congratulate my team for a successful Infinity implementation, considering the tight timeline. Despite several challenges, our team handled the project skilfully, implementing and integrating Infinity with the bank’s Transact R20 systems and providing training and testing support. We hope that our client will be able to achieve the expected objectives with this implementation.”

About Prival Bank

Prival Bank is a financial institution dedicated to Private Banking and Investment Banking services in Panama and Central America that offers personalized banking services to over 500,000 elite clientele. Made up of experts from different areas of the industry, the bank guarantees the ideal personnel to advise customers on managing assets and provides support to the clients with their personal and business financial needs. Their mission is to provide comprehensive banking services tailored to the needs of their clients, for this the bank has nurtured a team of highly trained professionals.

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About ITSS (Information Technology Solutions & Services)


ITSS Global is a technology company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ITSS primarily provides banking technology, products, applications, support and maintenance services, in addition to implementing Temenos Digital Banking services. ITSS has a worldwide presence with 23+ strategic international offices and over 850 expert consultants.

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