ITSS Reaches a Significant Milestone with Temenos Infinity Global Delivery Partner Certification

12/12/2023 ITSSGLOBAL


ITSS Reaches a Significant Milestone with Temenos Infinity Global Delivery Partner Certification

Acknowledged for Exceptional Commitment to Skill Advancement and Banking Software Excellence

Geneva, Switzerland – ITSS, a leading global provider of banking software services, proudly announces its recent achievement of the coveted Temenos Infinity Delivery Partner Certification, a testament to its unwavering commitment to skill development and excellence in the banking technology industry.

ITSS has successfully met and exceeded the rigorous Temenos Infinity Delivery Partner Certification requirements, with efficient and exemplary performance. Notably, ITSS reached this milestone within an exceptionally expedited timeframe, underscoring its dedication to continuous improvement and learning.

Banks benefit significantly from Temenos Infinity, featuring pre-built functionality for Retail, Business, Corporate, and Wealth banking. It also covers key aspects like Onboarding & Origination, digital customer engagement, and Real-time Campaigns, ensuring banks stay competitive and agile.

Through the Temenos Learning Community, ITSS has made substantial investments in team development, resulting in over 220 certifications across multiple disciplines. These certifications enable ITSS to offer exceptional services, including remote, on-site, and offshore solutions, tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Commenting on this achievement, Sundarmoorthy, Lead- Infinity Delivery Manager at ITSS, stated, 

As we attain the prestigious Temenos Infinity Delivery Partner Certification, our commitment to excellence and skill development in the banking technology sector stands firm. Recognizing that adaptability is key in the rapidly changing banking industry, we ensure our clients receive services of the highest quality to meet current and future business needs.

About ITSS:

ITSS, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, boasts over two decades of consulting and business expertise. It specializes in providing integrated global banking software services to banks and financial institutions across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. With a global presence encompassing more than 23 strategically located offices, ITSS is at the forefront of empowering digital transformation for banks worldwide. 

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