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Data Scrambling, Archiving, Data Sub-setting, T-SAS is a modular solution that consists of Archiving, Scrambling and Sub-setting of data in T24. With T-SAS, testing activities can be done without the need of CPU, memory and disk allowing banks to save money and time. T-SAS allows you to duplication of environments (production copy) faster and reduce in size

  • DataResizing

  • DataMasking

  • AutomatedBack-up Scripts
Scrambling features
Fully featured scrambling modules providing ease of use, high security and a clean interface to archive your databases.

Masking Methods

Built-in encryption, Simple Scrambling algorithm (masking customer names with XXX), Adjusting field length automatically, Updating related concat files for sensitive fields is easily configurable, Easily extend to include one of your own

De-identify sensitive data

Employee information, Customers information, Suppliers information

Training, testing and development

Perfect for training, testing, development databases


Good for offshore development

Pre – Built Package

Based on best practices followed by most of the banks, all major sensitive application fields are mapped by default in the package. Covers all major T24 modules in the pre built package

Dynamic Scrambling

Dynamic scrambling gives possibility to MASK/SCRAMBLE sensitive information on the fly in production database. Based on User level flag, scrambles information in SEE mode on sensitive fields. ses the same SAS.SCRAMBLE.PROFILE functionality, with a simple API call dynamic scrambling can be enabled in all VERSION Screens
Archiving features
Fully featured archiving modules providing ease of use, high security and a clean interface to archive your databases.

Archiving process

Covers archiving process for all major bigger T24 core tables


Archiving solution is not only for TABLES but also for Directory

Local table

2 Step configuration mechanism that allow archival of any local table with any complex filter option

Core dependent

Allow any core dependent local table to be archived/purged along with core archival process

Archived data

Flexibility to store archived data within same TABLESPACE or different TABLESPACE or even different SCHEMA

T24 core tables

Covers archiving process for all major bigger T24 core tables

Automated scripts

Automated scripts for database shrinking to claim the free /EMPTY space

System downtime

Zero or minimal System downtime required during database shrinking process

Single User Screen

Single User Screen for Definition of service, Control and Monitoring of Archiving Service


Pre-defined set of tables which is purged, this list can also be locally modified

Data access

Seamless data access from archived table irrespective of core or local table
Sub-Setting Features
T24 database is a one of a kind of functionalities available in our product. It helps to create smaller T24 environments i.e. subsets from a huge production environment, thus enabling to create test areas with limited essential data. It not only helps to save the space, also reduces the time & effort involved in creating test environments for the team.

T24 environments

Create small T24 environments from huge production data

Backup & restoration

Save backup & restoration time of test areas

Save time

Shorter COB duration

Reduce cost

Reduce Storage / Infrastructure cost by 40-50%

Test / training areas

Easy creation of test / training areas


Faster patch / T24 updates testing and release

Product development

Faster product development
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