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ITSS Test Automation (TA) is a complete Web test automation framework that provides a quick and easy way to achieve the company’s goals with a higher return on investment. Each module covers a specific process area to answer all the needs for the testing process. TA provides a native implementation for Temenos T24 core banking. Our solution is suitable for banks and financial institutions undergoing testing during implementation, upgrade, mobile application etc.

  • Time-Saving

  • Simultaneous Testing

  • Customizable


Design and update pages detected with I-Analyzer for specific needs. You can also add elements to the page, edit the label and properties, or define a new page with the expected elements.

Test Scenario

Test case is defined by a list of steps, each step can be an application call or an application page run. Each step can also be another scenario. It is possible to reuse a base scenario and create more complex test cases.

Web Recording

For easy data entry, the system allows the user to export a template for each scenario to be completed. The template contains all the possible fields to enter with details (label, mandatory ...)

Flexible organization

User can create multiple use cases with different sets of data, they can be organized as a tree by millstone, module and / or block.

Extended Controls

You can define expected values and errors, and choose to save data displayed while running a test for use in the next step or to display them in the final report.

Predefined Values List

Create dynamic or static list values and refer them when defining data in test cases. These values can be set to be used once in an environment.

Parallel Execution

For non regression tests or global tests, it is possible to run a set of use cases simultaneously. The campaign can be for a domain, a module or a block of use case


For each run of a test case, a report is generated. It includes all reported data, detected errors and a screen print for each significant event of the test process (success or failure).


Test cases or test campaign can be scheduled for a given frequency or a specific date and time. The scheduler can be parameterized by event. When it triggers, the system uses target use cases
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