Implementation Services

ITSS offers a full implementation services, from installation to production release in the target environment. In addition, we provide customization services based on client’s specific environment:

  • Creating new entities and Temenos Wealth fields
  • Setting up of all scripts, fields and strategies
  • Creation of hierarchical structure for Temenos Wealth portfolios
  • Deliverables are provided after test phase to meet bank’s requirements
Integration Services
  • ITSS manages both front to back and back to front Temenos Wealth integration
  • Real-time integration with others banking systems
  • Proven expertise for audit proposal, and comprehension of orders lifecycle
  • Expertise in integrating Temenos Wealth with all market providers like Bloomberg, Reuters, Telekurs (SIX), using smart data interface (iMDI)
  • Experience for all WTX/ITX components.
  • Deep knowledge on integration components informing batch.
Consulting Services

Certified Temenos Wealth consultants to assist banks align Temenos Wealth platform with the banks’ vision.

  • We offer audit proposal (Application and system analysis) for each branch.
  • Deliver customized and standardized documentation, covering all aspects and details of the project.
  • Deliver related documentation of all modules in the proposed architecture.
  • Consultations to review business processes and system re-engineering
Web User Interface Services
  • Good experience on multiple Design Studio version
  • New Page creation and customization of standard page to give best web interface to end users.
  • Mutiple profile definition and multiple langage support
  • Customization of differents profiles : RM, portfolio manager, IT support, ….
  • Web package integration in any client environment.
  • Design Studio can be integrated to any banking system.
Reporting Services
  • Excellent understanding of various Temenos Wealth compliance and customization reports
  • Extensive experience in live configuration of Temenos Wealth reports & managing large volumes of reports
  • Experience in the development of multiple Actuate reports
  • Ability to send actionable Temenos Wealth reports to centralized bank reporting systems
  • Proven expertise in the end-to-end implementation of change management for new bank reporting requirements.
Odata API Services
  • OData is an open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryableand interoperable RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way.
  • OData, has been designed by Microsoft and published in the OASIS Technical Committee, is a web protocol for queryingand updating data on a server. OData service exposes an endpoint that allows access to data
  • Interfacing with Temenos Wealth is often required in the client context, and the Open Data Protocol (OData) interface is available (by exposing part of the data model) to assist thirdpartyapplications with interacting with Temenos Wealth.
  • Temenos Wealth provides the following OData APIs. Each OData API is dedicated for a client
  • Tablet OData API, TCIB OData API, Questionnaires, Remoting
  • OData protocol, which lets a client make requests to and getresponses from an OData service.  Those interactions include the usualcreate/read/update/delete (CRUD) operations, along with an OData defined query language.
Temenos Wealth Expertise
Our mission is to maintain a permanent working relationship with Temenos Wealth clients and accompany the life cycle of the system.
Temenos Wealth CORE / WUI / ACTUATE / ODATA
Temenos Wealth CORE / WUI / ACTUATE / ODATA
Implementation & Upgrade, Customization, Interface Development, Full Ordering, Design & development of batch & TSL configuration.
Temenos Wealth Scripting, IBM Web-Sphere TX, UNIX scripting, IBM MQ Series, Sybase/ Oracle.
Project Management, Business Analysis, Product/Technology Upgrade, L3 Support/Troubleshooting, Run the Bank, Training
Temenos Wealth EXPERTISE
Temenos Wealth EXPERTISE
Strong Temenos Wealth expertise for Change the Bank & Run the Bank
ITSS has trained & certified Temenos Wealth consultants with extensive years of experience working with Temenos Wealth.
Diagnostic and Improvement with good track record, Approach based on internal tools (logs analyzers : usage & error messages)
Temenos Wealth consultants having implemented / managed Production support, 12+ years of ADM Service experience,<br />Global presence delivering projects / support across 37 countries
Together, everything is possible
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