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jBLoader is a powerful data extraction tool to extract data from any T24 database and load it into any relational database. It extracts millions of records and normalizes them at an extraordinary speed without having any performance impact on the source database. jBLoader serves as the gateway, the bridge, the interface between your T24 system and your reporting analysis tools.

  • Powerful

  • Flexible

  • Secure

  • Easy to Use
Extract data from any T24 database and load it into any relational database.

Fast Data Extraction

Extracts all T24 data quickly and automatically,then load it into required database: Oracle, SQL server, DB2

Parallel Extraction

Parallel extraction/loading and multi-threading capability

In-built scheduler

Data can be extracted manually, scheduled, orad hoc execution during specified time

Event Based Extraction

Supports event based extraction i,e (Task executed automatically based on COB completion)

Generate Reports

Quickly and easily analyze your data and generate state-of-the-art reports.

Data warehouse

Ideal for building a data warehouse and centralizing all your T24 data and any other corporate data coming from heterogeneous sources.
Key Benefits
Regardless of the database used, JBloader is totally independent from the underlying DB.
Gives access to the same information as a T24 user, making it easy for the Bank to adapt.
Fully automated, no human intervention required once the initial setup/configuration is done.
measured 3 times faster than any solution used formerly by our customers
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