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iMLog is a centralized monitoring tool covering the activities of the business users (CBS), the IT administrators, as well as the infrastructures (Windows AD, VPN, etc.) and the IP addresses. iMLog is proactive by alerting the right people on time and reactive by analysing and reporting unusual patterns. iMLog offers banks a low implementation and maintenance cost on any platform.

  • AntiFraud

  • RiskManagement

  • Compliance

  • Non-StopAuditing
iMLog offers banks a low implementation and maintenance cost on any platform.

Captures All Activities

Captures all users’ activities and holds all the historical logs in the separate database

Security Monitoring

Provides real-time Fraud Detection and Prevention

Security Alerts & Notification System

Define your own alert via each communication channel with easy-to-use Front End

Data Collector

Captures and processes the activity logs from various systems

Own reports

Ability to create your own reports


Ability to export data for further analysis


Integration with any log management system is possible (Arcsight)

Data Viewer

Users can define their own criteria to display specific events

Reporting System

Provides user-friendly customizable reports, generated online/scheduled.

Data Custody

Keep the collected data in iMLog’s Database during time span of your choice

T24 Transaction capture

T24 Transaction capture, analyse and alert for selected or all applications


Forensic on transactions via enquiry or a report


User management monitoring

jBAse activities

All jBAse activities captured and alert
Key Benefits
Nothing to be installed on desktop
User Access
User Access
Control /Role Privileges Set Up
Identity Management
MLog’s connector
Enables CBS Audit Trails, Transactional analysis
Some of our clients
Together, everything is possible
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