ITSS facilitates implementation and change processes by planning and driving the execution of big programmes and by filling temporary capacity and competency gaps with on-site consultants and executives.

We have worked on project implementation across various geographies helping our clients to prevent mistakes, unexpected delays, money losses and ensure smooth implementation of projects and their main goals.

Upgrades / Re-implementations

 Our Application Implementation Services support project activities related to the Temenos Transact upgrade. We can assist banks with project management, change management, process improvement, and integration to ensure the upgrade is a success from a people, process and technology perspective.

TAFC to TAFJ Migration
ITSS offers top quality application migration service, where we help our clients in moving their business transact applications and associated databases to TAFJ. Our company professionals take care of everything, right from assessing your existing Temenos Transact, to deploying it live on a new platform. They work closely with our clients to ensure that the migration happens in a way that it does not affect their regular business operations. We make sure that the transition process causes minimal or zero impact on the users.

We offer a new approach to quality assurance outsourcing and outstaffing. You’ll experience a free proof of concept and streamlined communication process, regardless of geography or time zones, and you’ll benefit from our many years of experience in outsourced software testing and QA services.

Reliability, efficiency, and expertise are the core principles of our QA services. We pay close attention to the privacy and security of customer data storage and all intellectual property.


Thanks to our considerable experience working on Banking System projects for a variety of Banks clients, we are well positioned to offer our clients training advice. Whether installing or upgrading a Banking System, we can offer support on training business and IT employees.

Together, everything is possible
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