ITSS provides the services for Temenos Digital throughout the project life cycle from discovery to design to delivery to quality assurance to deployment.

We aid the client by providing our expert developers and QA Engineers who are well versed in shipping best mobile solutions. We also act as bridge between the client and Temenos to resolve issues with or request new features in the DBX Products.

Here’s how we provide our services, step by step
Identifying the gaps in the product with client requirement by detailing the functionalities. Providing estimates, creating solution documents to start the project implementation will be done by ITSS.
The design involves building the Front-End Client Apps, building the App's User Interface, adding Functionality, building App's Data Model/Services in Kony Fabric and integrating the dependant third party APIs/solutions.
The application testing will be done by ITSS which covers the SIT, UAT, pre-prod and production. All the integration issues and change requests will be taken care of by ITSS. The performance of the systems will be monitored and improved.
We set up the Environment for the development, testing and production servers and application related artifacts will be deployed. Submission to the respective app stores and application will be made live.
Together, everything is possible
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