Temenos Core Related
a data extraction tool to extract data from any T24 database and load it into any relational database
Explore T24 objects and offers a view of the dependencies and relationships between objects.
is a robust, configurable and scalable platform, it can be adapted easily to the needs of customers
Archiving, Scrambling and Sub-Setting. The archiving module reduce the database size.
Digital & Electronic Channels
IBS Loan Origination
High security, ease of use to increase your touch points and effectively target the market.
IBS e-Commerce
Increase your business volume and capital turnover sustainably
IBS Mobile Payment
Using our array of e-wallet services under a single Mobile payment platform
IBS Digital Banking
Providing ease of use, high security and a clean interface to increase your touch points, target markets effectively
Management & Reporting
Sigma Suite Reporting
Simple and easy way to use a secure Reporting platform fully integrated with Core Banking Systems.
Real time monitoring for the Core-Banking System with fully flexible and customizable features.
IT Security
Anti-fraud solution for any core banking system with low implementation & maintenance cost, compatible to all platforms.
Centralized identification and access management for T24 Users extendable to any other application.
Automated Testing
Test Automation
Web test automation framework that provides a quick and easy way to achieve the company’s goals