Temenos Core Related
A database extraction tool for T24 implemented on jBase and Universe databases. It can extract data from any T24 database and load it into any rDBMS system.
A documentation tool used by developers to view functional and technical contents, T24 objects and explore dependencies and relationship between objects.
I-RMS is a robust, scalable, and configurable release management solution that can be easily adapted to the needs of different customers.
A modular solution that consists of Archiving, Scrambling and Sub-Setting. The archiving module is powerful for reducing the database size
Digital & Electronic Channels
IBS Loan Origination
An extended solution for credit processing that helps automate and manage the processes of loan origination with ease.
IBS e-Commerce
Next-gen, performance-driven digital and e-Commerce solutions to make your business rise above the competition.
IBS Mobile Payment
Leverage the maximum benefits out of mobile payments with our top-notch e-wallets and mobile payment technologies.
IBS Digital Banking
Fully featured digital banking solutions and best-in-class software to help banks build an excellent omni-channel customer experience.
Management & Reporting
Sigma Suite Reporting
Generate reports promptly with SigmaSuite reporting solution for banks. Simple architecture that can be integrated with CBS to obtain comprehensive analysis and reports.
A single monitoring tool to cover several layers of the entire CBS. IMonit's efficient design minimizes the stress on the Core Banking systems, and improves hardware performance.
IT Security
Anti-fraud and risk management solution for Core Banking Systems & critical banking modules. iMlog analyses & reports unusual patterns to pre-empt malpractices or cyberthreats.
ID Management, automation, personnel, and security discipline bundle that actively measures and monitors the inherent risks in systems that match up users and resources.
Automated Testing
Test Automation
ITSS TA is a complete web test automation package that answers all the needs of the testing process. Especially suitable for banks and financial institutions undergoing testing during implementation, upgrade, mobile application etc.