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SigmaSuite Reporting Solution provides bank with a fully integrated, simple, easy-to-use and secure platform to produce reports requested by bank’s services. Beyond regulatory reports and declarations, the Reporting solution can be extendable to produce accounting, risk, sales and many specific reports. SigmaSuite offers a simple architecture that can be easily integrated with Core Banking System.

  • Costeffective

  • TimeSaving

  • AutoReporting

  • Customizable
Sigma Designer
Use Sigma designer to enrich Data and add Context to Create Information required for reports and not present in your Information System.

Data Filtering

Filter your data from different type of sources to get only what you need

Data Transformation

Transform your data as you need using our rich transformation library.

Data Enrichment

Create business attributes to enrich the dimensions and get genuine analysis of your data.

Data Aggregation

Aggregate your data, create cubes and DataMarts to create insights with added value.
Sigma BI
Explore your Cubes and Data, create new forms of your data and get a powerful Analytics and Dashboarding capabilities with Sigma BI.

Dashboard management

Create dashboard about your data, cubes, DataMarts and reports.

Rich Charting

Choose amongst different chart types : Line/Bar/Pie/Donut/Area/Table.
Sigma Reporting
Design the blocks of your report and design the most complex reports Sigma reports.

Internal and Regulatory Reports

Extended dashboard and filters.

Liquidity Reports

Monitoring of all the tickets of the Project flow.

Rate Reports

Check and evaluate the progress of your projects.

Risk Reports

Customizable validation workflow for Hotfix deployment

Accounting Reports

Customizable validation workflow for Hotfix deployment
Sigma Publisher
Organize your reports into groups of reports, assign them to users or profiles and schedule the time for their publication.

Easy report consolidation

Create consolidated reports from existing reports by choosing the time span for your needs.

Reports by domain

Reports can be grouped by domains and sub-domains and access are granted to users or roles.

Reports archiving

Reports are archived and saved using your settings.
Sigma Administration
Manage The Application

Roles Based Access Control

Create new Roles, customize their permissions and assign them to users or group of users.

Logs & Audit Trail

Every action in Sigma is audited so you get the maximum trace of all the actions and events.

Application Settings

Central application settings to easily configure your Sigma Suite.

Hotfix Management

Customizable validation workflow for Hotfix deployment
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