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ITSS, a leading banking software provider has announced the completion of core banking system upgrade for Zitouna Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Tunisia. The project included key technical system updates, various implementations, and migrations, including T24 R13 TAFC to T24 R20 TAFJ core banking system upgrade.

Throughout this project, Zitouna bank acquired a new system architecture with enhanced technology that will expand the bank’s digital offerings for the benefit of retail and corporate customers. The upgraded and improved system will also enhance the bank’s responsiveness to the changing market needs and provide a more connected digital customer experience. Furthermore, the new system will ready the bank for future upgrades and to national platforms of e-commerce, ebusiness, and payments per open banking requirements. The bank now has the latest supported core banking systems that offer significant potential to accelerate its digital transformation and provide high-value-added services to its clients.

ITSS thanks Zitouna Bank for this opportunity and looks forward to more great collaborations and partnerships in the future.

In response to this news, “This project saw two committed parties working together towards a common goal: Zitouna Bank demonstrating project ownership and ITSS providing high quality project management and technical inputs,” remarked Sami Loukil, Regional Service Delivery Manager, ITSS Global

Fehmi Bounaoura, Project Manager, Zitouna Bank, said, “The Go-live migration is a real success thanks to work accomplished by our internal project team in total cooperation with our partner ITSS. I am happy to share this achievement with ITSS and proud to win the challenge together.”

About Information Technology Solutions & Services

ITSS is an expert banking software integrator. ITSS has worked with hundreds of banks worldwide in over two decades, completing over a thousand projects. The company provides a range of banking software, applications, support, and maintenance services.

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About Zitouna Bank

Founded in Oct 2009, Zitouna Bank is a universal commercial bank that complies with the Tunisian banking activity legislation. Zitouna Bank provides individuals and professionals with a wide range of products and services in terms of deposit accounts, financing, crowdfunding, electronic banking, and remote banking, following the principles of Islamic Finance.

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BNCTL and ITSS to form Strategic Partnership for Managed Service to Drive a Fundamental Transformation on the active Temenos T24 System.

BNCTL and ITSS to form Strategic Partnership for Managed Service to Drive a Fundamental Transformation on the active Temenos T24 System.

ITSS Global, Geneva, Switzerland: 21st June’2021:

BNCTL has partnered with ITSS, with the focus to achieve its future potential with the depth and breadth of experience and integrity of ITSS with managed services on Temenos Transact and help extend gold-standard banking services to the people of Timor-Leste.

The project has been commenced on 16th June ’21 with formal kick-off meeting. This union is expected to provide the bank increasing clientele with shielded services. Objective of the project is to have a comprehensive assessment, Identifying the business & technical blocking issues, streamlining the existing system & provide necessary solutions & training. This will significantly improve levels of customer fulfilment while also lowering overall IT costs via higher automation and lower maintenance spending.

We are excited for been chosen as the partner of choice for Temenos offerings by BNCTL and look for a promising partnership planned for long term, with the next subsequent phase eyeing at technical upgrade.

In response to this news,

Chandomay Das CTA, BNCTL, said:

“The partnership with ITSS will be an important driver of our strategic transformation,” We congratulate and welcome ITSS. Indeed, we are confident that ITSS will show off their experience and integrity in making our business smooth. Looking forward to work with ITSS and upgrade to latest version”

“We’re excited about our strategic partnership and the opportunity for ITSS to be helpful to BNCTL and its clients as they grow their business and shape the future of the financial services industry” : Stated, Muthukumar, Regional Manager, ITSS Global. ”

About BNCTL:

Established in 2011, BNCTL is wholly owned by the State of Timor-Leste and the only Timor-Leste’s bank to the date. The bank now has 13 branches in 13 municipalities, including 7 units in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste, 27 ATMs, more than 30 POSs, and 13 mobile banking vans enabling BNCTL to bring banking services to people living in the most rural and remote areas of Timor-Leste. BNCTL enjoys rapid and significant growth in its business and operations since its inception in 2011. BNCTL has been continuously progressing towards a fully operating commercial bank as a full-fledged financial institution by catering its services to all categories of customers, including small businesses, individuals, and microfinance customers. Advancements in technology and communications have enabled BNCTL to digitalize its services in the most effective, efficient, and secure ways. BNCTL website – Country – Timor-Leste, Dili

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Merkanti Bank Chooses ITSS Global to Drive Digital Growth and Deliver Unrivalled Protection Against Financial Crimes

Merkanti Bank Chooses ITSS Global to Drive Digital Growth and Deliver Unrivalled Protection Against Financial Crimes

ITSS Global, Geneva, Switzerland: 14 Juin 2021

Malta’s Merkanti Bank Ltd (a subsidiary of Merkanti Holding plc) selected ITSS for their digital evolution, implementing award-winning Temenos Transact solution. The bank’s growing user base will be further protected with cloud based Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM), which will be integrated into the bank’s core banking and payments architecture.

This strategic alliance will be a part of the bank’s digital evolution program into a modern, scalable system that drives digital growth. This decision was taken to align with new business lines after its two-time acquisition. With this implementation, Merkanti Bank will attain an impressive level of automation through its entire operations resulting in a major efficiency gain for the whole bank while greatly improving the customer experience and preventing fraudulent operations. This partnership will be powered by integration with TAS Group payment solutions, ITSS’s esteemed partner.

This association of Implementation of Temenos Transact R20 will see continued improvement in functionality to support rapid development and launch of new products, allowing the bank to promptly respond to market and customer demand. Thus, providing unrivalled levels of detection and resilience against financial crime.

In response to this news,

Selvakumar Ammayappa, Director – Banking Services of ITSS Global stated “We are delighted by this collaboration and to take part in the success journey of Merkanti Bank. This collaboration further strengthened our relationship with them. With the state-of-the-art Temenos R20 core-banking system, FCM regulatory tool and the TAS Group payment solution, the bank can offer new products and services for the client. This will help them meet the highest requirements for speed, security, compliance and convenience.”

Patrick Vella, Chief Information Officer of Merkanti Bank expressed that “We feel satisfied and confident with our decision to choose ITSS as partners. We are confident of their expertise in T24 implementations across the globe, and they have demonstrated a high understanding of our requirements for this project. This project will support the future business development and digitization of the bank.”

ITSS Global is committed to deliver this implementation with the highest levels of services and consulting.

About Merkanti Bank:

Merkanti Bank Ltd (formerly MFC Merchant Bank Ltd) is a credit institution licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is focused primarily on merchant banking services, trade finance and general corporate banking services. The Bank forms part of Merkanti Holding plc, which is a financial entity group registered in Malta and has a bond listing regulated by the Malta Stock Exchange.

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City Savings Bank, Philippines went live with first Temenos SaaS implementation

City Savings Bank, Philippines went live with first Temenos SaaS implementation

ITSS Global, a leading banking software service provider announced that it went LIVE with its first digital SaaS implementation with the Temenos Banking Cloud at City Savings Bank, Cebu (subsidiary of Union Bank of the Philippines and a member of the Aboitiz Group). This alliance has made the bank future ready by leveraging the capability and stability of the Cloud with Temenos SaaS to meet evolving business demands and to strategically position the bank to cater to all the customer needs in a post pandemic era.

The decision was made to use new Cloud technology to improve the digital customer journey for mortgage products and create a unique digital service that simplifies banking, rewards customers and helps them achieve their financial goals.

This has helped the bank reduce costs, whilst improving the customer experience, bringing new products to market faster and scaling efficiently, thus making it the preferred bank within the domestic banking industry.

ITSS Global was partnered as the system integrator and implementation partner to lead the core banking implementation and modernization project with a new digital banking eco-system. Adopting an agile implementation approach to complete the project delivery successfully with post LIVE support amidst the COVID 19 crisis, despite the initial delay

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Pioneering TPH implementation, ITSS has built a center of expertise in all regions across the world.

Pioneering TPH implementation, ITSS has built a center of expertise, globally!

Geneva, June 01, 2021 – ITSS is on the path of becoming the global leader in TPH implementation, thanks to the wealth of experience accumulated, by effectively supporting financial institutions across the world to seamlessly migrate from FT to TPH. With 8 successfully completed TPH implementation projects, and 9 still on-going projects, ITSS is leaving it’s footprints globally.

Why TPH? Payments are central to every business as they constitute the true lifeblood of any financial organization. Today’s market environment highlights the need for banks to quickly adapt their payments strategies to support changing market conditions and business needs.

The global lockdown has definitively reshaped how we function as a universal workforce. Among the many positive examples of how technology has enabled us to work and socialize remotely, it has also served to throw light on payments services provided by banks, which don’t quite live up to the standards set by other parts of our increasingly digital society.

Statista has estimated that the total transaction value in the digital payments segment is growing at an annual growth rate of 12%. As payments processing volumes are growing with increasing diversity of customer demands, the areas such as digital payments modes, real-time payments, fraud monitoring and many aspects of processing are put under severe pressure within a bank’s functional system.

With global payments infrastructure moving to a single messaging standard, ISO 20022, the shift is not purely a compliance exercise. The reality is that this new standard has far-reaching and highly strategic implications for most banks and financial institutions. An agile payments solution that offers real-time processing and open APIs as core requirements, have become vital for financial institutions.

Adoption of TPH (Temenos payment Hub) will now allow banks to offer their customers a seamless payment experience which offers straight through processing (STP) and provides a 360° view of all transactions in real-time and have a workflow for priority based payments processing.

Why choose ITSS? With over 20 years of experience of successfully delivering banking solutions globally, ITSS has accumulated a nuanced understanding of the needs and requirements of Temenos’ clients throughout the globe, and has developed a proven best practices on TPH (Temenos Payment Hub) implementation. Thus effectively establishing regional implementation hubs that can guarantee a smooth transition from FT to TPH, that enables financial institutions to unlock the value-adding opportunities that they have been chasing for years.

TPH can also work as a stand-alone requirement, and ITSS is ready to assist financial institutions across the world optimize their current Temenos fund transfer core module.

ITSS offerings while leveraging TPH are designed to work successfully both separately or together, via SaaS, cloud, or on-premise, providing the flexibility to tailor payment solutions to suit simple, complex and diverse needs.

Contact us today! We can guide your Payments Modernization Process and help you future proof your business with Temenos payment hub :

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Temenos Certified Managed Partner for Migration: Drum roll, please.

Temenos Certified Managed Partner for Migration: Drum roll, please.

A 15+ years long partnership between Temenos and ITSS, has now unlocked another milestone for the ITSS-Temenos family! We are proud to announce that Temenos has accredited ITSS as a Regional Managed Migration Partner.

ITSS strives to give our customers the best footing to build and run their businesses competitively and efficiently in a digital-first world. As a Managed Migration Partner, our Data Migration practice specializes in driving end-to-end migration engagements for all Temenos products. Amongst other services , this can include migration strategy creation and execution, data recons , go live support. The objective stays to deliver excellence without or with minimal impact on the business as usual.

Keeping up with our motto – Together, everything is possible, ITSS will partner with Temenos and clients to lead continuous innovation in building robust solutions to meet the challenges banks face both today and in the future. Besides being the Managed Migration Partner for LATAM and MEA, ITSS leverages the experience from engagement with 220+ clients to ensure best in class service to our clients.

We extend our gratitude to our team, whose consistent efforts and expertise has enable us to achieve this milestone.

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ITSS Global is proud to announce that HengHe (Cambodia) Commercial Bank Plc. went live with the Temenos T24 Transact R20

ITSS Global is proud to announce that HengHe (Cambodia) Commercial Bank Plc. went live with the Temenos T24 Transact R20

Geneva, May 14, 2021 – ITSS Global is proud to announce that HengHe (Cambodia) Commercial Bank Plc. went live on March 7th, 2021, with the Temenos T24 Transact Release 20, in Cambodia.

The main objective of this green field implementation project was primarily to enable HengeHe Bank become a market disruptor. ITSS leadership and services during the seven-month project implementation support the bank’s aggressive expansion plans to reach the digitally minded millennial market segment. With the adoption of the trend-setting Temenos technology available in R20, HengeHe Bank is well positioned to be the leading technologically progressive financial services provider in Cambodia by fast tracking the adoption of digital banking services, and promoting social and economic progress in the country.

Temenos T24 Transact will serve to optimize HengHe’s operations, enabling them to deliver enhanced digital products on a much shorter timescale, thus making their offer more accessible and cost effective by significantly lowering service delivery costs.

Sivaramakrishnan Ramamoorthy, Chief Operating Officer of ITSS Global stated: “In this pleasured moment, I take this opportunity to congratulate and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the project team. Without their tenacious dedication and ability to adapt to evolving conditions and requirements, it would not have been possible to have completed the task during these special circumstances brought on by the pandemic, ensuring that the project got delivered remotely and GO-LIVE successfully”.

We also extend our congratulations to HengeHe, because after 7 months of determination and, guided by their zealous devotion to the best interest of their clients, they successfully went live in the middle of a pandemic. Therefore, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude to them and Temenos for their confidence and faith in partnering with us.

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ITSS and FacePhi reach a global agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector

ITSS and FacePhi reach a global agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector

Information Technology and Solutions and Services (ITSS) and FacePhi have reached a strategic agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector, through the integration of biometric recognition solutions and digital onboarding systems globally.

Through this partnership, both companies close a major alliance in the fintech field, in which the use of consensual identity verification with facial recognition will play a prominent role. Another objective of the agreement signed by ITSS and the Spanish company is to promote inclusive banking and improve accessibility for users, making it easier to open accounts and manage financial transactions.

“The use of biometric solutions has been growing steadily in recent years among financial institutions. It is one of the technologies that has joined the digitalisation process of banking with the greatest force, in which the human factor and user accessibility are playing a key role. Thanks to ITSS and its long experience in the integration of software for banks, we hope to be a reference in this important process of digital transformation, providing tools to companies and institutions, without forgetting that the security and privacy of the user is a fundamental point”

Javier Mira, CEO, facePhi

“ITSS provides agile digital onboarding strategies that help banks capitalize on the benefits of innovative technology. Our alliance with FacePhi will enable us to offer state-of-the-art biometric solutions to banks and financial institutions. We are excited to continue on this path with FacePhi ensuring that security and privacy continues to be paramount in banking digital transformation.”

Patrick Jaccoud, CEO, ITSS Global

About FacePhi

FacePhi is the leading Spanish company in biometric solutions for identity verification, specialized in facial recognition systems, digital onboarding and safe work environments. Based in Alicante and worldwide visibility, the company has a presence in more than 25 countries, has performed more than a billion authentications, 21 million access programs and has a strong presence in the banking sector. The drive of biometrics to improve customer experience and protect data from citizens and entities is the hallmark of the firm.

To learn more about FacePhi visit

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ITSS selected by Temenos AGAIN! This time for Implementation project with the Bank of Kigali

ITSS GLOBAL selected by Temenos AGAIN! This time for Implementation project with the Bank of Kigali

Geneva, December 3, 2020 – ITSS Global is pleased to announce that we have been selected by Temenos for the implementation of their Data lake & Analytics solution for the Bank of Kigali.

As the first Temenos Data Lake implementation in the region, the Bank of Kigali is positioned to leverage the benefits of near real time management of large amounts of data to advance their competitive edge in the Rwandan market.

ITSS would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to Temenos and the Bank of Kigali for their trust. We are immeasurably proud of our 19 years of experience with Temenos system integration and we are confident about delivering a successful project for the Bank of Kigali.

About Bank of Kigali

The bank was incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda in 1966 as a joint venture between the Government of Rwanda and Belgolaise, the subsidiary of Fortis Bank. The Government of Rwanda acquired the Belgolaise share in 2007, thus increasing its direct and indirect shareholding in the Bank to 100%. The bank has won several awards throughout the years, including yearly repetitions of Best African Bank of the year, Best East African Bank and Best Bank in Rwanda between 2011 and 2016.

To learn more about Bank of Kigali visit

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ITSS Global e Inteligo Bank se complace en anunciar que Inteligo Bank salió en vivo con el sistema de Core bancario Temenos Transact R18 en Panamá

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ITSS Global e Inteligo Bank se complace en anunciar que Inteligo Bank salió en vivo con el sistema de Core bancario Temenos Transact R18 en Panamá

Geneva, Septiembre 4, 2020 ITSS Global e Inteligo Bank se complace en anunciar que Inteligo Bank salió en vivo con el sistema de Core bancario Temenos Transact R18 en Panamá. Este proyecto es fundamental para la estrategia de transformación digital de Inteligo para mejorar sus servicios de banca corporativa y privada. El proyecto de actualización del Core lo llevó a cabo el equipo de TI del banco en colaboración con ITSS Global, un partner certificado de Temenos con más de 19 años de experiencia en la integración de software bancario.

La nueva versión de Core bancario de Inteligo Bank permitirá al banco ampliar su capacidad, mejorar procesos y desempeño, además de satisfacer las necesidades, cada vez más exigentes, de sus clientes.

“Ya estamos viendo los beneficios y estamos muy satisfechos con nuestra elección de ITSS Global como integrador de esta actualización. Demostraron su alto nivel de experiencia, acompañándonos en todo el camino, cumpliendo con cada requisito y finalmente saliendo en vivo con éxito, incluso en medio de la pandemia”

dijo Alfredo Castro, Gerente de Tecnología e Información de Inteligo Bank

Durante los últimos meses del proyecto, todo el equipo trabajó de forma remota y en diferentes zonas horarias, llevando a cabo el proyecto con éxito. Este es el primer proyecto en el que ITSS capacitó al equipo de un banco en todo el proceso de actualización desde una ubicación remota. Este enfoque flexible permitió al equipo superar con éxito las circunstancias desafiantes únicas y demostrar aún más la pericia y las capacidades de coordinación precisa de ITSS, así como las excelentes habilidades del banco en la gestión del proyecto.


“Estamos orgullosos de ver que después de 14 meses, y en medio de una pandemia global, Inteligo Bank salió en vivo. Una vez más hemos demostrado que ITSS puede superar cualquier desafío que surja en el camino, y gracias a nuestro equipo profesional y dedicado, que trabajó desde varios continentes para que esto fuera posible. Más importante aún, no habríamos podido lograr salir en vivo sin el compromiso y la profesionalidad de Inteligo Bank”

Jayachandran Thiagaraj, Chief Technology Officer of ITSS

Para Inteligo Bank, uno de los principales objetivos de este proyecto era trabajar con un sistema de Core bancario de próxima generación.


“Temenos Transact es el Core más completo del mercado, dada la inversión continua que hace Temenos en el producto, queríamos aprovechar la funcionalidad superior en sus nuevas versiones. Sabemos que una actualización del Core bancario es un desafío, pero confiábamos en el partner que elegimos para llevarla a cabo. Nunca hubiéramos imaginado que el proyecto coincidiría con una pandemia global. El equipo de ITSS demostró su capacidad y profesionalismo incluso ante un imprevisto de esta magnitud”

remarcó Luis Miguel Vásquez, CIO de Inteligo Bank

ITSS ha podido acelerar la adopción, por parte de los clientes de Temenos, de la tecnología más avanzada disponible en la industria, y ha estado creciendo rápidamente en la región de América.


““¡Estamos muy entusiasmados con la huella que estamos dejando en América Latina! A medida que avanza la era digital, clientes como Inteligo Bank podrán satisfacer las demandas del mercado gracias a su plataforma de última generación. ¡Nos gustaría agradecer a Inteligo por confiar en ITSS en este viaje, y estamos muy orgullosos de haber sido parte de este logro!”


Expresó José Frank Almeyda, Director Regional de ITSS para America

Sobre Inteligo Bank

Establecido en 1995 en Las Bahamas, Inteligo Bank tiene una sucursal en Panamá, que está regulada por separado (por la Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá). Brinda servicios de asesoría financiera y gestión patrimonial internacional. Forma parte de Intercorp, una corporación peruana comprometida con el crecimiento y el bienestar de todas las familias.


Para obtener más información sobre Inteligo:

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