ITSS and FacePhi reach a global agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector

ITSS selected by Temenos AGAIN! This time for Implementation project with the Bank of Kigali

ITSS Global e Inteligo Bank se complace en anunciar que Inteligo Bank salió en vivo con el sistema de Core bancario Temenos Transact R18 en Panamá

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ITSS Global is pleased to announce that Inteligo Bank is live with Temenos Transact R18 Core Banking System in Panama!

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ITSS GLOBAL wins Swiss Private Bank EFG International as a customer for a Temenos Transact upgrade project

ITSS entrega una implementación de Temenos Transact 100% remota para Banco Ripley Perú en medio de la cuarentena del COVID-19

ITSS delivers a 100% remote Temenos Transact implementation for Banco Ripley Peru amidst the COVID-19 lockdown

ITSS and TAS announce strategic partnership to boost innovation in the payments solutions domain

ITSS has been chosen by HengHe (Cambodia) Commercial Bank PLC as Temenos’ Implementation Partner for T24 Transact!

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ITSS has been chosen by B.I.C Bank Cambodia as Temenos’ Implementation Partner to Implement T24 Transact!!

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