Taking the Lead: CQUR Bank Soars with ITSS Sigma Suite & JBLoader!


Taking the Lead: CQUR Bank Soars with ITSS Sigma Suite & JBLoader!


ITSS, a leading banking software and service provider, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its proprietary solutions Sigma Suite and JBLoader at the CQUR Bank LLC. Sigma Suite is an enterprise-grade monitoring, analytics, and reporting solution from ITSS, while JBLoader is their prized data extraction tool.
The Sigma Suite implementation and JBLoader installation were completed using a hybrid model (onsite & remote) using the Agile framework and a fixed costs model. With the successful completion of this project, the bank is now able to realize its goals of generating timely and standardized reports for the regulatory authorities (QFCA: Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority) as well as for the bank management, internal purposes and for auditors.
The ITSS project team meticulously completed the project within the agreed timeline, saving the client’s precious time and resources. ITSS experts furnished the required training, testing, and post Go-Live support to the bank’s teams.
Here is what Kenny Justin, COO at the CQUR Bank LLC, had to say about ITSS upon completion of the project:
“Grateful to ITSS for a swift and well-managed project completion. The Sigma Suite reporting solution solved the historical issues that had piled up due to ‘manual approach’ used earlier at our bank. Our team also thanks ITSS experts for detailed training and support and for making us feel comfortable with Sigma rules engine. Additionally, JBLoader installation has made handling and extracting data much easier for us and swiftly bridges T24 to Sigma Suite.”

JC, Product Manager, ITSS, commented, “It is great to see Sigma Suite at work. It is the most elegant solution for reporting automation and is superior to its competitors. Combination of Sigma Suite and JBLoader can help any bank aim for higher goals and better business.”

Babar Mahmood, Project Manager at ITSS Global, commented,The Sigma Suite Implementation project proved another achievement of successful delivery of milestones. Agile methodology impressively contributed to the delivery within specified timelines. I admire the support & collaboration from CQUR Bank & ITSS team members that helped us achieve the common goal resulting in high-quality Project Management.”
About CQUR Bank
Headquartered in Doha, CQUR Bank offers a range of banking products and services to corporate international customers as well as High Net Worth Individuals helping them achieve short- and long-term financial goals. The strategic goal of the Bank is to provide high quality services to its customers worldwide.
About ITSS Global
ITSS has encompassed over two decades of consulting and business expertise, serving integrated global banking software services to banks and financial institutions across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Headquartered in Geneva, and with its 23+ global strategic offices, ITSS has been instrumental in helping legacy banks cement and sustain their position as leaders by evolving core banking systems to meet changing customer expectations.

Visit their website to find out more: https://www.itssglobal.com



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