Empowering Tomorrow: ITSS Global and Al Salam Bank Join Forces for Banking Excellence in Algeria

02/27/2024 ITSSGLOBAL

Empowering Tomorrow: ITSS Global and Al Salam Bank Join Forces for Banking Excellence in Algeria


ITSS Global, a distinguished global banking software provider, proudly announces a transformative collaboration with Al Salam Bank, Algeria. This strategic partnership underscores ITSS’ unwavering commitment to modernize the Algerian banking sector, emphasizing a substantial step towards comprehensive digital transformation.

The collaboration signifies a pivotal milestone in ITSS’ dedication to implementing advanced solutions aligned with Shari’a banking laws. The signing of the project showcases ITSS’ proficiency in delivering cutting-edge Islamic Banking services to financial institutions.

The project, encompassing offshore deployment and the implementation of new features symbolizes a collaborative effort for mutual success. With the establishment of an ITSS subsidiary in Algeria, Al Salam Bank expresses its intention to collaborate directly with ITSS Algeria. Additionally, there are plans to strategically outsource a portion of the bank’s IT team’s development activities in the medium term.

The estimated timeline for project completion is set at three months, adhering to the agreed-upon project scope.

About ITSS Global: With over two decades of unparalleled consulting and business expertise, ITSS Global has been a trailblazer in providing integrated global banking software services to financial institutions worldwide. Headquartered in Geneva and boasting 23+ global strategic offices, ITSS has played a pivotal role in assisting legacy banks in solidifying and sustaining their leadership positions by evolving core banking systems to meet ever-changing customer expectations.

In pursuit of global impact, ITSS has recently established an office in Algeria, aiming to revolutionize the local banking landscape by providing banks with the most advanced technologies and tools.

About Al Salam Bank: Al Salam Bank operates as a universal bank under Algerian law, offering Shari’a-compatible products certified as compliant by the bank’s Shari’a Council. Commencing operations in 2008, the bank focuses on delivering innovative banking products and services. In 2011, it implemented Temenos T24 to offer cutting-edge banking services, aligning with market expectations and stakeholder satisfaction.

As of now, Al Salam Bank – Algeria boasts a network of Twenty-Five branches spread throughout the national territory, with plans for further expansion. This aligns with the bank’s vision and strategy to offer banking services and products to a diverse audience with various formulas, maintaining the highest quality standards.

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