Elevating Ethiopian Banking: ITSS & Temenos Foster a Dynamic Partnership for Future Success!

Elevating Ethiopian Banking: ITSS & Temenos Foster a Dynamic Partnership for Future Success!

ITSS and Temenos have entered into a market development agreement for Ethiopia. This agreement positions ITSS as the preferred partner in Ethiopia for the implementation of Temenos software. To mark our commitment to the Ethiopian market we are opening our local offices in Addis Ababa.

ITSS Global, a committed and long standing delivery and Sales partner of Temenos, the world’s nr 1 banking software vendor, has made a substantial investment to the development of the Ethiopian banking sector through this strategic market development agreement with Temenos.

The agreement commits significant capital investment by ITSS to provide a state of the art Ethiopian Country Model Bank and to build local delivery and support capacity resulting in lower cost of ownership as well as greater agility and speed to market for new offerings.

As a trailblazer in providing digital banking solutions, ITSS brings a remarkable wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having successfully implemented Temenos’ universal banking solutions across a multitude of banking segments including global and local landscapes.

“We understand that Ethiopia is a unique market with very ambitious goals. We are excited to bring the best of breed Banking Software with world class implementation and support services to form truly transformative partnerships with all banks in Ethiopia. Our vision is to build the required local capacity for Ethiopia to become a global leader in banking.”

says Peter Redelinghuys, Sales Director (MEA) ITSS.

William Moroney, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa at Temenos, said: “We are delighted to enter into this new agreement with ITSS, which opens new opportunities for growth in Ethiopia, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. ITSS will invest in the Country Model Bank for Ethiopia, delivering local IP such as market specific products. Such partnerships bring additional investment in our platform and scale in countries which ultimately delivers incremental growth.”

About ITSS (Information Technology Solutions & Services)

ITSS Global is a technology company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ITSS primarily provides banking technology, products, and services in addition to implementing Temenos Digital Banking services. ITSS has a worldwide presence with 23+ strategic international offices and over 850 expert consultants.

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