ITSS and FacePhi reach a global agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector

03/08/2021 ITSSGLOBAL

ITSS and FacePhi reach a global agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector

Information Technology and Solutions and Services (ITSS) and FacePhi have reached a strategic agreement to accelerate digitalisation in the banking sector, through the integration of biometric recognition solutions and digital onboarding systems globally.

Through this partnership, both companies close a major alliance in the fintech field, in which the use of consensual identity verification with facial recognition will play a prominent role. Another objective of the agreement signed by ITSS and the Spanish company is to promote inclusive banking and improve accessibility for users, making it easier to open accounts and manage financial transactions.

“The use of biometric solutions has been growing steadily in recent years among financial institutions. It is one of the technologies that has joined the digitalisation process of banking with the greatest force, in which the human factor and user accessibility are playing a key role. Thanks to ITSS and its long experience in the integration of software for banks, we hope to be a reference in this important process of digital transformation, providing tools to companies and institutions, without forgetting that the security and privacy of the user is a fundamental point”

Javier Mira, CEO, facePhi

“ITSS provides agile digital onboarding strategies that help banks capitalize on the benefits of innovative technology. Our alliance with FacePhi will enable us to offer state-of-the-art biometric solutions to banks and financial institutions. We are excited to continue on this path with FacePhi ensuring that security and privacy continues to be paramount in banking digital transformation.”

Patrick Jaccoud, CEO, ITSS Global

About FacePhi

FacePhi is the leading Spanish company in biometric solutions for identity verification, specialized in facial recognition systems, digital onboarding and safe work environments. Based in Alicante and worldwide visibility, the company has a presence in more than 25 countries, has performed more than a billion authentications, 21 million access programs and has a strong presence in the banking sector. The drive of biometrics to improve customer experience and protect data from citizens and entities is the hallmark of the firm.

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