T24 specialist

ITSS is considered by its customers as the T24 reference partner during pre-implementation, implementation and go live/migration phases and for any production or training requirements.

Your T24 Partner

Based on Clients requirements ITSS brings its expertise not only to full implementation projects but also to an already existing project life cycle.
  • Study existing sytems and requirements
  • Analysis and concept proposals
  • Project planning
  • Training
  • Configuration and customisation of T24TM
  • Migration of data
  • Development of interfaces, versions, requests, programmes
  • Test of units, systems and environment
  • Support, training, documentation
  • Training
  • Back-up center
  • Management and supervision of EOD/COB, Help-desk and support
  • Training
  • Performance tuning and security
  • Management and supervision of EOD/COB, Help-desk and support
  • Management of T24TM database
  • Consultancy and Audit
  • Call center and Help-Desk: 24/7
  • Training

Contactez nous

ITSS est basée à Genève, en Suisse, et a développé ses activités en Europe, au Moyen-Orient, en Afrique, en Amérique latine et en Asie.


<h4 class="cms-heading-tag">Contact Information</h4>


<h4 class="cms-heading-tag ">Contact Information</h4>