Driving Change: ITSS Global Presents the Remarkable Evolution of EFG Bank, Switzerland

02/23/2024 ITSSGLOBAL

Driving Change: ITSS Global Presents the Remarkable Evolution of EFG Bank, Switzerland


In a significant milestone for both EFG Bank, Switzerland, and ITSS Global, ITSS is thrilled to announce the successful culmination of a transformative upgrade project. This initiative marked the seamless transition of EFG Bank’s systems from G13 JBASE to R18 TAFC ORACLE, accompanied by the integration of the database with cutting-edge management systems.

The project, involving a multi-entity upgrade encompassing 12 units, with 11 already live, reached its pinnacle with the recent and substantial Go-Live in November 2023. This final Go-Live, one of the largest entities among the 12, was achieved through the meticulous efforts of the ITSS Team. Their establishment of a highly customized environment, informed by in-depth analysis and tuning, set the stage for success.

The testing and training phases, executed with patience and precision amidst various interventions, played a crucial role in this achievement. Through identifying gaps, providing unwavering support, and adapting to deviations in the project planning, the ITSS team ensured a comprehensive project execution that delivered the desired outcomes for our esteemed client.

Official Quotes:

Goncalves Dinis, Project Manager EFG Bank expressed his appreciation, stating,

ITSS’s contribution to the success of the program was instrumental and widely recognized across the Bank. Their outstanding combination of technical and functional expertise, coupled with remarkable soft skills, showcased their strong resilience and effectiveness in delivering highly specialized professional services on Temenos core banking systems and products. We strongly recommend ITSS to any potential client.

As the ITSS Project Manager, I can attest that this project was nothing short of exhilarating, considering the scale it presented and the multitude of entities involved. It provided us with the invaluable opportunity to immerse ourselves in a transformation project of great significance, allowing us to contribute as individuals to a memorable achievement. This experience not only adds immense value to our professional growth but also sets the stage for even greater successes in the future.” – Sufyan Belayachi, ITSS Project Manager


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