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03/14/2023 ITSSGLOBAL

Banks and financial institutions engage in diversified omnichannel processes and have multiple teams monitoring credit, transactions, assets, and several other applications and processes. The right monitoring tools can help you set the benchmark in your industry. With reduced manual effort and the ability to pinpoint the root cause of bottlenecks, your enterprise can get the required edge over competitors.

Right from identifying minor glitches and IT issues to ensuring high-level security, and keeping tabs on the entire banking infrastructure, monitoring is critical. Especially for banks, it opens the opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and speedy disposal of issues, saving time and resources.

I-MAP delivers on all your enterprise needs related to observation, monitoring, and analytics across layers of operational stacks. It lets you dive deep into data from hundreds of customizable dashboards that deliver power through insights, and analytical summaries that simplify the decision-making process.


Choosing the right Monitoring tool: I-MAP

Banks and financial establishments have understood the need for monitoring and analytical tools. Being a data-intensive and multi-disciplinary industry, channelling your business through the right monitoring tool will save money, and improve overall performance.

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Monitoring a bunch of systems, multiple channels, teams, and applications to ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day work consumes several man-hours. As a bank, the monitoring tool that you choose must be able to combine and graphically represent several of these KPIs onto one screen.
I-MAP makes this possible with its 300+ highly customizable dashboards.

  • The right usage of I-MAP will help you quickly identify and precisely pinpoint the root cause of bottlenecks.
  • The right monitoring tool should offer flexibility and scope for expansion. I-MAP is fully equipped to handle data growth over time.
  • I-MAP is a non-proprietary, generic tool that can be shaped according to your establishment’s structure. To top that, I-MAP synchronizes seamlessly with your Core Banking Systems.
  • I-MAP is not built to aimlessly monitor, rather it gives insights into the inner health of systems.

Features of I-MAP (GFX)

I-MAP is an enterprise-grade tool meant to take care of precise monitoring needs. In the bigger picture, it improves performance, saving effort and time lost in detection and troubleshooting. Optimize your business with solution-based insights. I-MAP comes loaded, here is a list of its best features:

  1. Open-ended, non-proprietary tool
  2. 300+ configurable dashboard panels
  3. Real-time monitoring & analytics
  4. Multiple deployment options
  5. Resilience & power of Elasticsearch
  6. Extensive visualizations by Grafana
  7. Telegraf for metric collection & reporting
  8. Monitors the full stack of apps/processes.

Explore I-MAP

I-MAP facilitates observing the entire stack of the banking infrastructure and its several layers, along with detailed reports, logs, and metrics on multiple channels to fully understand the infrastructure. This includes information about memory issues, bottlenecks, request rates, availability, server health, and end-user experience. I-MAP’s reports and analytical summaries can help make decisions and deal with issues.


Different horizontal and vertical actors in a bank can benefit from I-MAP’s omnichannel monitoring and analytical capabilities. These stakeholders may include bank management, leaders, application observers, IT nerds, and monitoring teams.


Components of

I-MAP is lightweight, yet it packs immense power with the best-in-class components that synchronize perfectly, making it the ultimate monitoring tool and analytical platform for full-stack monitoring.

Elasticsearch: I-MAP is incredibly fast, thanks to the powerful Elasticsearch engine. It allows I-Map to store, search, and analyze large volumes of data in real time and gives back results in milliseconds.

Grafana: With Grafana, I-MAP lets the data tell the whole story. Break down data silos and empower teams. Create and share dynamic dashboards with other team members to foster collaboration and data transparency.


Telegraf: This component is responsible for metric collection and reporting. Telegraf aggressively collects data from multiple sources like stacks, sensors, systems, processes, cloud servers, etc.

Prometheus: An open-source software used for event monitoring and alerting. Prometheus records real-time metrics in a time-series database, with flexible queries and a real-time alerting system.


Our vision is to create and provide evergreen solutions that are dynamic and help your business adapt to changing regulations and technology. I-MAP is one such product. It is flexible and expandable, so you’ll never have to look for another monitoring and analytical tool again.


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