ITSS & Hysab Kytab Join forces to Drive Innovation in Personal Finance Management

03/01/2023 ITSSGLOBAL

ITSS Global, Geneva, Switzerland: 28th February, 2023:

ITSS, a leading provider of cutting-edge banking and financial technology services and solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Hysab Kytab, a leading provider of digital financial services in Pakistan.  Under this partnership, ITSS will serve as the implementation partner for Hysab Kytab’s new PFM (Personal Finance Management) product.

With PFM, ITSS brings to its clientele of large, medium, and small banks the opportunity to tap into
personal finance. This product can add to the customer-oriented approach that banks are now practicing. PFM has the potential to become a service that can help banks build and maintain longterm relationships by serving customers to diversify savings for a better and secure future.

As part of this partnership, ITSS will leverage its expertise in digital financial services to provide end-to-end implementation support for PFM product. ITSS will work closely with Hysab Kytab team to ensure the successful launch and adoption of the PFM products to its global clientele.


In response to this news,

 Mr. Patrick Jaccoud, CEO of ITSS, said:

“We are stoked to begin this partnership with Hysab Kytab.Their PFM (Personal Financial Management) solution will help our global clientele further their stride in digital transformation. This collaboration with Hysab Kytab represents a significant milestone for our business, as it allows us to leverage our collective strengths and expertise to better serve our customers and drive innovation in the banking and Fintech world”


“Banks have been asking for Personal Financial Management solutions that enhance the end customers experience leading to higher customer retention for banks. ITSS has partnered with Hysab Kytab and added their PFM solution to our portfolio of deployed solutions.  In this partnership, Hysab Kytab finds a seasoned technical integrator in ITSS, who has worked with 220+ banks worldwide.

We are intrigued by this partnership as Hysab Kytab creates innovative banking solutions that provide unique opportunities to banks and we look forward to working with them to create success stories for our clientele”,Byron Papazissis Sales Manager (CEE) of ITSS.

Mr. Syed Hassan Bin Veqar Global Partnerships & Alliances Lead for Hysab Kytab added:

“We are ecstatic to partner with ITSS, delivering our cutting-edge Personal Financial Management solution to their clients in Europe, the Middle East, LATAM, Africa, and Asia, as they navigate their digital transformation. Combining our solution with ITSS’s exceptional delivery skills, we eagerly anticipate providing unparalleled value to our shared customers.”



“We’re delighted to partner with ITSS. As a product company, we’ve always focused on improving products and enhancing users’ experiences. However, we’ve always relied on our partners to expand our reach. For this reason, we have chosen ITSS whose reputation has been well established in different regions that we directly experienced and heard great things about their implementation services from customers. We look forward to working with ITSS”- Yasir Ilyas – Head of Hysab Kytab



About ITSS:

Information Technology Solutions and Services (ITSS) is a global banking software integrator, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with 18 strategic offices in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Since 2001, ITSS has been committed to delivering banking technology services and solutions to banks and financial institutions worldwide. As a Temenos partner, we’ve supported over 220+ Temenos clients as a system integrator for all Temenos products: Transact, FCM, Islamic banking, Wealth Management Suite, Multifonds, Inclusive Banking, Infinity, etc

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About Hysab Kytab
Hysab Kytab is a technology company that provides digital solutions through a suite of financial management and consumer products. Its major products include PFM (Personal Finance Manager) tool and Hysab Kytab mobile application, a tool for tracking expenses, planning budgets, monitoring finances, etc.

Visit the website to find out more. 


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