ITSS partners with Taurus to accelerate digital asset market

12/14/2021 ITSSGLOBAL

ITSS Global, Geneva, Switzerland: 14th December 2021

ITSS is pleased to announce its partnership with Taurus SA (“Taurus”) one of the leading digital asset platforms. This strategic alliance with Taurus will further simplify and accelerate the integration of Taurus’ solutions with Temenos T24 core banking clients. It also deepens Taurus distribution capabilities in strategic markets, where ITSS has a strong foothold with 18 offices in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. This collaboration follows the selection and integration in May 2021 of Taurus’ products in Temenos Marketplace.


ITSS has always provided customers with innovative solutions and the most comprehensive services, and this collaboration will once again help banks in their path to accelerate the success of their customers’ digital engagement programs.

Taurus brings the capabilities to banks to manage any digital asset, whether tokenized assets, digital currencies or cryptocurrencies through a modular platform which includes Taurus-PROTECT (hot, warm, cold set-up), Taurus-CAPITAL (issuance and tokenization platform supporting Ethereum and Tezos), and Taurus-EXPLORER (multi-chain connectivity solutions API-based) and Taurus Digital Exchange (regulated and independent marketplace).

In response to this news,

Thiagaraj Jayachandran, CTO at ITSS:

We are very pleased with our alliance with Taurus, as it will bring in new opportunities for financial institutions and especially for wealth managers in the digital asset space. As one of the leading Temenos integration partners derived from our digital banking expertise and with Taurus’s innovative cryptocurrency platform, we have a complete package for banks to expand their investment product offerings, in a more secure and seamless manner


Victor Busson, CMO and Head of Strategic Partnerships, added:

We are privileged to be entrusted by several Temenos clients and are having multiple discussions with Temenos’ powered banks. Our objective is that our clients have the smoothest possible integration and automate all relevant processes across their front-to-back operations. We are therefore pleased to join forces with ITSS. Their two decades-long expertise combined with their international footprint will give common Taurus and Temenos clients across the globe the possibility to enter the digital asset space in a rapid, cost-efficient, and streamlined way.

About ITSS

Information Technology Solutions and Services (ITSS) is a global banking software integrator, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with 18 strategic offices in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Since 2001, ITSS has been committed to delivering banking technology services and solutions to banks and financial institutions worldwide. As a Temenos partner, we’ve supported over 220+ Temenos clients as a system integrator for all Temenos products: Transact, FCM, Islamic banking, Wealth Management Suite, Multifonds, Inclusive Banking, Infinity, etc

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About Taurus SA

Taurus SA was founded in April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in digital assets and blockchain. Taurus was founded by senior executives with a background in banking, regulatory, IT, and cyber security. Taurus delivers its clients the infrastructure to manage ANY digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and digital currencies, with one unified platform. It is a leader in Europe and Switzerland. Taurus solutions are in production and entrusted with the full spectrum of banks: systemic banks, investment banks, private banks, retail/digital banks, crypto-banks, trading venues.

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